Mighty Mangrove Trees 🌲

Mighty Mangrove Trees 🌲

We are becoming more and more conscious about the way we live. Plastic straws? Ditched. Needless waste? No thank you! Gas guzzling cars? Electric vehicles are looking more attractive every day, especially with these gas prices! All of these little changes add up to something big for our planet. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could offset your carbon emissions too? Every day, toxic pollutants are pumped into the atmosphere, lowering the quality of our air and dirtying the environment.

With the purchase of each Flex watch, we help address this problem head on by planting one Mangrove tree. Why Mangroves you ask? Because this variety of tree gets busy when it comes to offsetting carbon emissions. While removing two to four times as much carbon as other types of trees, the Mangrove also supports saltwater ecosystems, birds, fish, and mud dwellers. We told you this tree is an overachiever, and it’s a multi taker too! 

Now, you’ve probably heard of the term “carbon sequestration” (...or not) and the first thing you may have thought was “what does that mean, and why am I supposed to care?” We feel you on that Flex fam, keeping up with the terminology of climate change can be a bit tricky, so let us break it down for you real quick:

“Carbon sequestration” = A process where carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere. Simple!

And that’s why Mangroves are man's (new) best friend. They help us fight back against carbon emissions and make our earth a more sustainable place to live. Let’s give a round of applause for this atmosphere cleaning hero! All of our new Flex designs are made with eco-friendly materials, and even our packaging is recyclable! Designed to look good and do good, each purchase moves the needle forward to a better future for our planet!

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