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The Watches

The face is made of recycled ocean plastic.

The watch face is 40mm in size.

The band is made of recycled ocean plastic.

The band has a length of 7.5 inches.

Yes, the watch is 3 ATM Water Resistant.

The battery life of the watch is approximately 2 years.

Yes, the watch batteries can be replaced with a basic button cell battery.

The Trees

Trees will be planted within 14-30 days after the end of the month. Ecodrive will send a final confirmation once the local planters in Madagascar have confirmed all trees have been planted.

In Madagascar, the land is almost always owned by the tribal community, but we also work within federally owned national forests.

In Madagascar, the mangrove forests are planted directly from propagules.

The majority of our seeds are collected by local villagers who travel into nearby remnant forests to collect native species tree seeds. Additional seeds can also be purchased from local, trusted seed banks if required to supplement collected seeds. We grow our own seedlings in our nurseries to ensure quality and germination rates.

In Madagascar, the initial survival rate at our mangrove restoration projects exceeds 80%. Over time, natural regeneration and propagule production lead to a luxuriant impact ranging between 150% and 500%.

Our planting team leaders have reliable systems to count and sort the number of seedlings and propagules planted. Mortality becomes irrelevant as natural regeneration occurs and multiplies the impact. At our mangrove sites, natural regeneration typically exceeds 200% of the original number planted.

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The Brand

Flex started in 2011.

The Flex trademark "Flex" represents our brand name and logo.

Yes! Flex has been featured on TV shows such as MTV Real World, CNBC The Profit, and other reality TV shows.

Yes, we have donated $40,000 to the Dream Machine Foundation. We have also helped the foundation with multiple fundraisers.

Yes, we have donated over $50,000 for autism and cancer research.

Yes, we have served over 15,000 meals to children in need.

Yes, together we have provided clean water for life to over 500 people.

Yes, we have helped rescue hundreds of animals through the Humane Society.

Yes, we have provided counseling to over 350 veterans through IAVA.