Meet Our Founder - Travis Lubinsky

Meet Our Founder - Travis Lubinsky

As the founder of Flex Watches, Travis Lubinsky aka Trav was featured on CNBC’S “The Profit” where he was quickly recruited by Marcus Lemonis to work with him on a number of other ventures.

Trav has also been responsible for licensed watches for some of the world’s biggest brands including Disney, Star Wars, Universal and Minions.

It is clear why Trav is consistently engaged in a wide array of innovative projects with distinguished groups of partners. His diverse skill set, endless listing of business alliances, willingness to tackle the most challenging opportunities, commitment to giving back, his financial acumen and relentless desire to win the day truly set him apart.

Today, Travis spends much of his time partnering with high energy teams identifying opportunities others have yet to see and helping create the necessary pathways to success. You can see behind the scenes of Flex Watches by following his official twitter account @travislubinsky.

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