Even though the world’s problems can seem daunting, the little choices we make every day can help make a BIG difference. FLEX encourages you to consider making those game-changing choices.

In that spirit, we created FLEX Watches a decade ago  with the adamant belief that you can look good and do good  at the same time. Your support continues to prove us correct. Each color in our Charity Collection represents a different nonprofit that we have partnered with to give back!        

Purchase a watch from that collection and FLEX will donate a portion of the sale to that charity of choice and, as a plus, we’ll even plant a tree in celebration. Our mutual efforts have already made a measurable impact.

$30k+ To The Dream Machine Foundation, $50K+ For Autism and Cancer research, 45,000+ Meals served to children in need, 500+ People received clean water for life, 300+ Animals rescued, 350+ Veterans received counseling, 250+ Classrooms received support for anti-bullying

To date, because of your support,  FLEX has also planted more than 40,000 trees, a number that continues to increase daily. That alone translates into 27,000,000 pounds of CO2 sequestered (removed from the atmosphere), and more than 400 days of work generated for those in need.