Practicing Gratitude for a More Fulfilled Life

Practicing Gratitude for a More Fulfilled Life

Do you want to live a more fulfilled life? The number one most effective way to bring mindfulness and calm to the forefront of your day is to identify things in your life that you are grateful for!

Keep a gratitude journal and make an entry every morning, write down three things that you have this year that you did not have at this time last year. These do not have to be tangible items, they could be things like: a better relationship with your best friend, a new mentor in your life, or a resolved health issue.

At the end of the week, have a quiet moment to yourself to reflect back upon your week's blessings.

The following week, journal about the aspects of your own unique skills and personality traits that make you, you. 

Do you appreciate your sense of humor, your style, your talent for cooking, or your ability to be kind to strangers? Each of these things may seem small and unimportant when you look at them individually, but if you can find a few items each day, you will realize that there are a great many things that make you important and needed. 

Taking a few minutes for yourself is an act of self love and self care that is immeasurably valuable, being able to sit down and read this article can be considered to be an act of self care, how cool is that?!

Now comes the part where we ACT on our new found awareness of gratitude. Think of the people in your life who you interact with every day, it does not matter how large or small of a role they may play in your life. Have you told them that you appreciate them? Choose one aspect of their personality that you truly admire and see how their face lights up with joy when you tell them! This could include telling your mom that you love the meals that she makes during the holidays, you admire how hard your daughter works at her job, or you enjoy the calming presence that your colleague has with difficult customers at work. 

Identifying the things that you are grateful for will make it easier to recognize them in everyday life, and in doing so, gratitude will evolve into an ongoing practice. The ebb and flow of daily stressors may feel overwhelming at times. When you can identify moments of gratitude, take that opportunity to slow down, reset, and focus on what matters most, your health, happiness, and relationships with others. 

“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; 
they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”
-Marcel Proust
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