Flex Affiliate Program!

Flex Affiliate Program!

At Flex your success is our success. That is why we created the Flex affiliate program. That’s right you have the opportunity to promote Flex, make a difference, and get paid! 

Get access to a variety of Flex assets to monetize your campaigns including: banners, text links, discount codes and Flex products!   

Our partners at Partnerize provide complete transparency and comprehensive access to your data. From standardized dashboards to integrated fully custom reporting. 

Here is how your can Flex your influence:

  • 10-20% commission on all Flex product sales
  • Get paid on orders within 30 days of any click 
  • Access to Flex content, banners, text links, links, discount codes

Time to get paid while making a difference:

First we rewarded our NFT holders with MBX tokens and now Flex will pay you cash. Whether your part of the NFT community, or not, sign up to be an affiliate and you can make money off every sale you refer.

If you are interested in creating custom watches for a brand or an organization, please email info@flexwatches.com or visit https://flexwatches.com/pages/custom to learn more! 

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