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Clean Water Band

Clean Water Band

Flex Watches

Over 650 million people on Earth don’t have access to clean drinking water -- something that most of us just take for granted every day. Help support the effort to make clean drinking water a reality for every man, woman, and child on the planet. We can do this!

Our bands are made from environment friendly silicone. Silicone is made from silica found in sand, and silica is the second most abundant element in the Earth’s crust. When it comes to the environment, Silicone is highly durable and more ocean friendly than plastic!

  • Compatible with all Apple Watch Series
  • 38mm and 40mm case size w/ 5.5"-7.1" band
  • 42mm and 44mm case size w/ 6.5"-8.3" band
  • Made of eco-friendly silicone
  • Soft, lightweight, durable, sweat resistant, dirt proof, and waterproof
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