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Blue Band - Flex Watches
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Blue Band

Blue Band by Flex Watches is a signature accessory in the watch collection. The blue replaceable watchband has a fresh simple blue style. The watch features an interchangeable blue elastic band that makes for great customizable fun. Take out the interchangeable watch face and put it with the Blue silicone watchband for a cool new style. The interchangeable band is the perfect accessory for a casual or formal wear.

  • Helps provide meals for children in need. 
  • Ultra lightweight silicone band.
  • Free shipping when you spend $50+, or $5 flat rate.
  • Only Fits Classic and Last Kings Collections.

Flex the way you want, whether you want to exchange them with friends or make your personal style, get multiple affordable watches and interchange the elastic bands. We aim to make the world a better place, while making you look good. With every purchase of a Flex Watch we give a donation, buy sports watches for a cause!

The replaceable band is one of our most popular watch accessories in our collection. Our customers love the affordable and colorful interchangeable watches.