Q: How do you join the Discord?
A: Join the Discord by clicking here

Q: What is Flex Watches?
A: We created Flex Watches a decade ago with the adamant belief that you can look good and do good at the same time. Your support continues to prove us correct. Each color in our Charity Collection represents a different nonprofit that we have partnered with to give back! Purchase a watch from that collection and FLEX will donate a portion of the sale to that charity of choice and, as a plus, we’ll even plant a tree in celebration. Our mutual efforts have already made a measurable impact.

Q: What is the difference between Flex Watches and Flex NFT’s?
A:Flex NFT’s are a collection of 1,000 unique watches that exist on the Ethereum blockchain and they come with a physical Flex Watch. When you own a Flex NFT you are part of the Flex Fam!

Q: What is an NFT?
A: A non fungible token. A NFT is a digital product that is purchased on the blockchain, and represents the ownership of something specific and unique. In this case your Flex NFT represents a unique 1/1 Flex Watch.

Q: What is minting price and Supply?
A: The mint price for Flex NFT’s is .2 ETH and there are only 1,000 unique NFT’s available.

Q: How many NFT’s can I buy?
A: You can buy as many Flex NFT’s as you would like, and you can determine who gets to receive your additional holder benefits.

Q: Why should I hold a Flex NFT?
A: Members of the Flex NFT community will be given exclusive benefits including but not limited to, access to networking, events, presales, and airdrops. Once you’ve become part of the Flex Fam, you’ll be able to earn additional rewards and win prizes through our affiliate and referral programs. We will also be introducing ways to reward NFT holders that contribute to the community by using their time to make a difference!

Q: What are Airdrops?
A: A free NFT that is an added value for holding. Airdrops will be used to access Flexperiences!

Q: What are Flexperiences!
A: We will be hosting networking events, speaking events, charity events, and live experiences..

Q: What are Pre-Sales?
A: You will get a chance to purchase NFT's and physical products before the general public. These special occasions are only reserved for the Flex Fam!

Q: How do I get my physical watch?
A: Once the public mint ends, we will make an announcement to claim your physical watch on using your NFT! If you do not wish to claim your watch, we will hold it in our vault.

Q: Can I gift the watch or the NFT?
A: Yes of course, Flex NFT’s and watches are the gift that keeps on giving. We actually recommend using Flex NFT’s as a gift.

Q: What size is the watch face?
A: The face of the Flex NFT watch is 45mm.

Q: What is the watch band made out of?
A: The band is high-grade silicone and the face is hard plastic with a stainless steel back plate.

Q: Can you change the band?
A: Yes!The bands and faces are interchangeable so you can purchase extra bands to create new styles. Or you can buy 2 watches to create 4 styles, 3 watches to create 9 and so on.

Q: How do I change the band?
A: Line up the hole in the band with the dial and insert the top of the watch face into the holes in the band, followed by the bottom.

Q: Are the watches water resistant?
A: Yes, of course! Our watches are 5atm water resistant and water tested to 165 feet. You can swim, shower, and play in the rain with your Flex Watch.