Clean Water Watch For Charity | Flex Watches

Silver Flex Cuff

Our brand NEW Flex cuffs are available in gold and silver. 10% of your purchase is donated to Anti- Bullying! One out of every four U.S. students reports being bullied over the school year. Bullying can lead to academic problems, substance use, and violent behavior later in adolescence and adulthood. However, 57% of bullying situations stop once peer intervention and support are encouraged. Join the battle to raise awareness and end school bullying once and for all!

  • Stainless Steel 
  • Silver plating 
  • One size fits all

    10% of your purchase is donated to charity

    Each color represents a different cause that we donate 10% of sales to. Our watches don't just tell time, they tell stories. Together, we have the power to change lives every day.