August 14, 2016

Our Founders recently decided they wanted to take Flex Watches to the next level, so they reached out to Marcus Lemonis. In exchange for capital investment and his expert advice, Lemonis typically takes an ownership stake in the company and documents the entire process. Sworn to secrecy until the show’s airing our founders could not comment ,however they did share that they learned a lot from Marcus. One thing is for sure, Marcus Lemonis invests in People and he has to genuinely like you. Seems like this is going to be another great episode of The Profit! Stay tuned for more details and check out this seasons trailer...

How We Give

We donate 10% of the sale to the cause matching your watch. Each color represents a different cause that we donate 10% to. That means 10% of your entire purchase is donated. We also give back 5% to the designer of your watch.