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Special Olympics teams up with Flex Watches to Encourage Active Lifestyles in Children and Fight Child Obesity

March 06, 2015

Special Olympics and Flex Watches Helping Fight Child Obesity

Flex Watches is counting down the days, hours, and minutes until the 14th Special Olympic World Summer Games kicks off in the beautiful city of Los Angeles, California.  We are proud to be a teammate of the Special Olympic program and strive to do our best to support a great cause.  For the next three months, we pledge to bring educational facts to children of all ages and help them make healthy choices to set the precedence for the rest of their lives.  

Did You Know:

  • Childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and quadrupled in adolescents in the past 30 years
  • It’s caused by too few calories expended for the amount of calories consumed and directly related to various genetic, behavioral, and environmental factors
  • Obesity can be related to an increase in cardiovascular disease, bone and joint problems, sleep apnea, and poor self-esteem
  • Obesity has been linked to heart disease, diabetes, stroke and many different forms of cancer
  • Thereis a way to stop this.

    With the help of Special Olympics Programs, Flex Watches wants to encourage and empower all kids to choose a healthy lifestyle in our push for awareness - get up and play!  The benefit of just 60 minutes of physical activity each day makes a large difference in the health of kids as they mature to adolescents; while helping them live life in the now.  We want to provide children with the opportunity to choose how they want to play.  Do your part to support this cause by following us on Instagram (@flexwatches), Twitter (@FlexWatches), or Facebook and keep an eye out for how you can help make a difference in a child’s life!  Flex Watches will be hosting contests, events and promotions to bring awareness to the Special Olympics organization and their movement to helping .  Join this movement, and help kids make the healthy choice one day at a time.

    In the meantime, Flex Watches would like to introduce our partnership, Special Olympics, and share a little bit about what they do to encourage this difference. Flex Watches and the Special Olympics are working together to bring awareness to child obesity and encouraging active lifestyles with the youth 

    LA World Games 2015:

    After 16 years, the United States welcomes the Special Olympic World Games to Los Angeles July 25th through August 2nd.  We are excited to host an estimated 7,000 Special Olympics athletes from 170 nations across the world to compete in over 20 Olympic influenced sports!  Some of these sports will include the following all time favorites: Basketball, Beach Volleyball, Bowling, Football (Soccer), Golf, Gymnastics, Open Water Swim, Powerlifting, Sailing, Table Tennis, Tennis, Softball, and Volleyball.

    There’s ways for you to make a difference:

    Introduction/History: Timeline of The Special Olympic Program and Evolution of the Games

    One woman, one idea, watch as one influential program shifts from her backyard to the entire world in 45 years of Special Olympics:

    • Late 1960s - Founded by Eunice Kennedy Shriver with the idea“it’s not about what you can’t do, but about what you can”
    • July 1968 - Chicago, Illinois (USA) - First International Special Olympics Summer Games held and supported 1000 people from 26 countries as they competed in track and field and swimming
    • February 1977 - Steamboat Springs, Colorado - First International Special Olympics Winter Games held and supported 500+ athletes compete in skiing and skating events
    • June 1981 - The beginning of Special Olympic’s annual Torch Run
    • July 1988 - Special OlympicsUnified Sports®is launched with participants in bowling, volleyball and softball
    • 2000 - marks the kickoff of the “Campaign for Special Olympics” to increase athlete participation by 1 million and raise more than $120 million in the following 5 years.  This movement changed everything.
    • 21-29 June 2003 - Ireland - hosts the first Special Olympics World Summer Games held outside the United States, 5,500 athletes
    • 2006 - Special Olympics surpasses goal set in 2000 to 2.5 million participants, 165 countries
    • July 2008 - Special Olympics celebrates its 40th anniversary as a true global movement: 3 million athletes, 180+ countries
    • May 2012 - Special Olympics hits over 4 million athletes involved in programs around the world
    • May 2014 - Special Olympics hits 4.4 million athletes, 80,000 events/competitions held each year
    • 25, July 2015 - Los Angeles, California - 14th Special Olympics World Summer Games

      Four Ways to Get Involved - Start by Finding a Location Near You:

      Photo Courtesy of Bank of America
      1. Unified Sports®: This program was founded with the intent to encourage all individuals to participate and strive to take the time to understand each other without previous barriers.  It successfully builds friendships between classmates and shatters any “preconceptions and false ideas” through one thing everyone can understand - sports.  Unified Sports is one program with one goal: “breaking down stereotypes about all people with intellectual disabilities in a really fun way.”
      2. Become a Coach/Official: Special Olympics Officials and Training Process consists of four easy steps to a self-fulfilling certification (only Steps 1, 3, & 4 if you are an official with a National Governing Body and/or an International sports Federations official certification!). Help regulate and “ensure adherence to the rules and safe competition” by volunteering today.  You are just as important to this program as the athletes who are competing!
        • Step 1: Introduction to Special Olympics, description of officiating at a special olympics event, and any remaining rules/regulations regarding sports equipment changes
        • Step 2: Competition venue, game management, various officiating
        • Step 3: 10 hours or 5 Special Olympics games of officiating observed by an experienced SO official or a staff member
        • Step 4: Complete the Special Olympics Sports Training Certification form, find your favorite local Program Staff member sign off on the requirements you completed, and send the completed form to the Program office
      • Join the Movement - Healthy Athletes: 90,000 health care providers/students have helped Special Olympic’s cause to date.  Not only can you change the life of a person with intellectual disabilities, but they can change yours.  Join the many that claim they get more than they give today by locating the Special Olympics Program closest to you!
      • Youth Volunteer Opportunities: Special Olympics Project UNIFY - Learn to “teach acceptance through example.”
        • Play Unified, Live Unified - friendship, respect, support, lead.
        • Leaders of Today - Discover your voice, promote equality and acceptance.
        • Engaging All Students - Not seclusion... Inclusion.
        • When leaving for college, take Special Olympics with you!  Become a college student actively making a difference in your community.


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