Tyga - "Wait For A Minute" (feat. Justin Bieber) Music Video Exclusive - Flex Watches

Tyga "Wait For A Minute" music video feat. Justin Bieber

December 19, 2013

Wait for a Minute (feat. Justin Bieber) music video with Flex Watches

Tyga released new music video with Justin Bieber called "Wait for a Minute."Tyga and Justin Bieber's seductive record which T-Raww previously said was initially for Biebs' new album, receives a futuristic visual treatment. Tyga, Justin and a collective of ladies venture in a labyrinth style house, all the while dodging paparazzi.

Check out Flex Watches at 0:04 seconds in with the Black & Gold sports watch worn by Tyga. Tyga Feat. Justin Bieber "Wait For A Minute" Video, a new offering from Tyga. Tyga's rap artistry goes wild on every release. His widely versed dialogue is definitely better for it, and we're looking forward to the next piece of the puzzle.

The Last Kings watch collection designed by Tyga and Flex Watches are available here.

See the craziness from the police crashing Tyga's for his $40 Mill music video.