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Top 5 Fav Things About Fall

November 07, 2013

 There’s something about tank tops, swimsuits, and warm weather that everybody lovesabout summer.  But for most, nothing compares to fall, and rightfully so.  With so much happening, it’s become a fan fav.

1)    Let’s start with pumpkin flavored everything!  Starbucks is famous for their “Pumpkin Spiced Lattes” and the infamous redcups that everybody goes nuts for, blowing up everyone’s news feeds with #selfies and their  annoying red cups. photo (71)

2)     If you aren't the Starbucks type, then you may enjoy the brisk weather (excluding sunnySouthern California). 


3)    Along with cold weather comes the big sweaters,pea coats, and uglyuggs that people have grown so fond of.  


4)     And the leaves? Playing in piles of gorgeous golden leaves?! Everybodygot time for that!



5)     No shave November? We love that every guy looks like a bum mountain man.



There's Flex's TOP 5 fav things about fall. It’s just a happy  time for all.  Soak it in because with the blink of an eye it will be gone in a flash.