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10 Ways To Give Back This Summer

June 19, 2013

1) Build a house with Habitat for Humanity

It is said that home is where the heart is. Many homes have been damaged due to tragedies such like the recent hurricane in Oklahoma. Help not only to repair homes but help the people that have suffered such major losses. You can truly make a difference in their life.


2) Donate blood

The thought of needles and blood may make you feel a bit uneasy, but just think of the great feeling that you’ll get from saving a life.


3) Plant a tree or a vegetable garden.

Mother Nature can only do so much, so help out by planting a few trees, vegetables, or fruits. It’ll provide more resources as well as make your community more pleasant and beautiful.


4) Volunteer at your local animal shelter

Who doesn’t love animals? They are just so cute and cuddly and would be more than happy to be in the company of a new playmate.


5) Mentor a child

Educating the youth is key to a bright future. Take the time to offer some extra help to your younger sibling or maybe even the neighbor from down the street.


6) Collect cans and donate them to a food bank

Find some of those canned foods that have just been lying in your kitchen cabinets and put them to use by donating them. Any food given can help a person to live another day.


7) Recycle

Recycling has numerous benefits. It mainly conserves our natural resources and limits the dangers of pollution. Follow the three R’s (reduce, re-use, and recycle) to keep this Earth in good shape.


8) Help coach a youth sports team

Make volunteering fun and active by coaching a little league. It’s a great way for you to bond with the kids and teach them a few pointers.


9) Visit a retirement home

Whether it’s painting nails or listening to their life journeys, paying a visit is something that they’ll remember and appreciate.


10) Beach-cleanup

How can anyone have some fun in the sun with trash lying around? Make those beach days a better experience for you and everyone else by picking up litter on the beach. The marine animals will also thank you for it.

 Don't have time to volunteer this summer?  Every Flex Watch purchase feeds 5 hungry children and provides education. Want to get more involved? Flex can help you adopt a child, plan a mission's trip or build a home.