Show your support for the Be Perfect Foundation - Flex Watches

Show your support for the Be Perfect Foundation

February 23, 2012

Do you wear the Green Watch? Do you support the victims of Spinal Cord Injury? If so, come be a part of the 3rd Annual Be Perfect Foundation's Fundraiser. As you know, Hal Hargrave fell victim to spinal cord injury after a car accident in 2007. It is through his tenacious spirit that he has been able to help raise money and provide support for those going through similar situations. The Be Perfect Foundation's main goal is to "provide direct financial and emotional aid to other SCI victims in need". On Saturday May 8th a fundraiser will be held at the Hafif Estate to benefit these Spinal Cord Injury Vicitms. There will be dinner, presentaions, silent auctions, and live music!

If you would like to check out more and register for the event you can do so by clicking here!

If you support Hal, Go GREENand buy a green Flex Watch.