Flex golfs with Jeremy Poincenot, the world's best blind golfer

January 31, 2012


Support LHON- Leber's Hereditary Optic Neuropathy is a rare genetic disorder that affects your central vision.  Jeremy Poincenot, an avid golfer and college student at San Diego State University, fell victim to the disorder just two short years ago. Six months after losing most of his sight, Jeremy decided to pick his clubs up again and try golfing. With his father as his coach, Jeremy began playing and soon journeyed to Britain where he was crowned with the title of World's Best Blind Golfer by the International Blind Gold Association. Lissa Poincenot has started the LHON.org website where families going through similar situations can find support and information and also to help raise funds for the USC Doheny Eye Institute.

When you buy a Black Flex Watch, you are supporting this cause and helping those affected by this condition. Jeremy is a fighter, and his story is unique. We are inspired by his tenacity as well as his positive outlook on life.


Recently, Flex Watches co founder, Trevor Jones played golf with Jeremy. He decided to blindfold himself to experience what it was like for Jeremy. I think you can guess who won.

Check out this great picture taken that day!


How We Give

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