LHON - Flex Watches


December 07, 2011

Do you know what LHON is?

Leber's Hereditary Optic Neuropathy is a condition that causes sudden and painless loss of central vision.

 Approximately 100 people are diagnosed with the disorder every year. Because LHON is a genetic disorder there is a clear pattern of inheritance. Currently, there is no approved treatment and no cure for LHON. One of the biggest challenges associated with LHON is coping with a loss. In losing your central vision, you lose the ability to recognize faces,  and even driving privileges. With our increasing uses of technology, there are more and more programs available to help those living with low vision. Talking cell phones, magnification softwares, even CCTV can help make a difference!

Because this disease is classified as what is known to be an Orphan disease, there is only a limited amount of research occurring. LHON.org partnered with The Vision of Children foundation whose mission is to cure hereditary blindness and to help those affected with loss of sight have a better quality of life.

In buying the Black FLEX watch you can help support a cause that isn't as well known.

Check out what SDSU's Sigma Phi Epsilon and the entire Greek Community did to help out here!

For more information about LHON check out the LHON.org webpage.

Check out Jeremy, a college student at the 2010 World Blind Golf competition! Living with LHON is possible. Help support the cause, and make a difference.