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December 02, 2011

If you have or are interested in buying the greenwatch read on to see what the Be Perfect Foundation is all about.

In 2006, Hal Hargrave was injured in a car accident that severely damaged his spinal cord. If it was not for the support of his family and friends he would not have been able to have the strength to get through it. The doctors have told them that there is only a 1-3% chance of him ever walking again, but he is determined. He is determined to beat the odds. His inspiration when training for Baseball and other activities before the accident was "You know it's in you-be perfect". These words are helping Hal to keep fighting.

The Be Perfect foundation's mission is to assist victims of spinal cord injuries that do not have the financial means to cover the cost of recovery. It is estimated that the total costs related to spinal cord injuries can sum up to $2.5 million over a lifetime. While insurance only covers about 55% of the costs, many still do not have the means to cover such high expenses.

In only 20 months of existence, the foundation has been able to help 30 people in recovery, donate 10 wheel chairs, while also providing the emotional support and guidance needed to help these victims.

While these are all such monumental achievements spinal cord injury victims still need YOUR help.   help could come in the form of a heartfelt prayer, a small donation, or the purchase of our green watch!               Buy a watch, support a cause.

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How are you perfect?