Our Story

Born and raised in Southern California, the Flex founders grew up around the latest trends in apparel, music, and fashion. In 2011 they created a watch to raise funds for the impoverished children of Rojo Gomez Mexico. Following a successful fundraising campaign (providing over 15,000 meals) they decided to expand. In 2011 Flex partnered with over 20 organizations encompassing everything from fighting cancer and helping injured veterans, to providing clean water and food to children in need.

Flex was eventually integrated into MTV’s “The Real World” and worked closely with cast member Nathan in 2012.  After handling the initial growth Flex moved into it’s own office in San Diego, hired employees and grew into a fulfillment center in San Francisco.

Once the foundation of Flex was built, the staff found unique ways to create revenues and raise funds for various causes.  In 2013 Flex was granted the intellectual property rights for over a dozen artists, athletes, and celebrities. After discussing a Last Kings license with with hip hop mogul Tyga, the three current owners created a partnership and took the brand to national retailers.

We work with artists, athletes, and celebrities to create quality products that give back.  We are simply "People Helping People." We are forever grateful for our thousands of campus reps and our tens of thousands of customers that have made this all possible. Without you we are nothing. Thank you and we hope you continue to follow our journey. Flex Your Cause!