Buy a Watch - Feed a Child. Our Story by Flex Watches
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    Flex Your Style

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    The Watches

    Flex Watches founders, Trevor Jones and Travis Lubinsky, were born and raised in Southern California surrounded by the latest trends in music and fashion culture. In 2011, they created a unique, interchangeable watch that fit their vibes and matched their styles. The name Flex was inspired with a vision of living in the now and being flexible throughout life. Oh, and did we mention our watches are sillicone and actually flexible? Now ya know!

    Raising Awareness

    Trevor and Travis began connecting with charities in hopes of using the watches to raise funds for the charities causes. Following their first local fundraiser in 2011, they ventured south to Mexico and donated more than 15,000 meals for children in need. Later that year, they partnered with MTV’s “The Real World” where they would ultimately reach millions of people creating an impact much bigger than themselves. Things were picking up.

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    Flex Your Cause

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    With Food Comes Focus

    These children now have enough energy to get to school and put their young minds to work. They’re more focused and performing better in school, thereby equipping them to be the change within their own community.

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    Meals for Children

    More than 300 children are fed a warm and nutritious meal each morning before school. The community has come together around the kitchen and has found a safe gathering place, a warm meal & fellowship that continues to grow every day.

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    It's Time For Change

    It’s time to make an even bigger impact this year. Join the Flex Family and get involved. Every watch purchased helps provide meals for these children.

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