• Unbelievable eye trick! Blue and Black Watch Color Looks White and Gold

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    Yeah, yeah... we’ve heard all the stories and tales.  Is The Dress blue and black?  Is it gold and white?  We finally decided we should settle all this nonsense and take the battle to our own clothing. Now, you may be thinking this was all a marketing ploy. Why you may technically be right, we prefer to be call it settling the score.

    After a few epic battles at the office (think Dr. Phil meets the Hunger Games...) between our team at Flex Watches it came down to a massive debate between the watches. We have since successfully made it through the storm with few casualties! Won't tell you our unanimous decision, but instead have decided to spread our wisdom in the hopes of mending the broken relationships that are most definitely a result of the phenomenon of The Dress.

    We found it worked with watches and present to you the ultimate test: Blue and Black?  Or White and Gold?  Pick your poison to reveal a special reward!


    Tolerance vs. Acceptance

    There is a vast difference between those two words.  You can choose to tolerate those around you who see The Dress as one color or another, but you difficultly hanging out with them or even being in the same room. In case you've been living under a rock here's the original:

    Source: swiked

    The only way to successfully save your relationship with this person is to accept that your friend has an insight that differs from your own. We understand that it is difficult to put yourself in someone else’s shoes when you have no way of seeing what they see. And although you might not see eye to eye, the important factor is this: the “others” are not wrong - they were just born that way. 

    Tell us your outcome from the great debate in the comments below then share the challenge with your friends to settle the score.

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  • How Flex Watches Helps Support Charities and Give Back Fundraisers

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    Flex Watches and Fundraising for Charities

    Flex has worked with over 20 organizations to achieve their goal of raising funds and awareness for great social causes with cool sports watches. The organizations that have partnered with us encompass a diverse set of charities supporting everything from fighting cancer to feeding children. We also coordinate with a number of celebrities, artists, and athletes to help advocate the causes and their watches. Flex continues to find inventive ways to spread their campaigns and gain support, including event activations as well as broadcast appearances on MTV’s The Real World, Millionaire Matchmaker, and Shark Tank.

    Event Fundraising Activation

    Child poverty issues. Flex Watches gives back to feed children in need

    A massive factor for raising funds for your charity is through event activation, which Flex Watches is constantly involved with different charities in doing. Before and during our event, we do promotions and marketing to increase awareness about the charity.  We increase recognition of the charity through blogs on our website and social media campaigns. We exemplify integrative marketing throughout the course of our campaign and build techniques that charities can continue after our event. Recently, a great campaign of ours was the Mariner’s Church event for their charity, the Rojo Gomez Breakfast Program. Through this program, the church helps to feed impoverished children in Mexico. When Flex partnered with them to host an event for the breakfast program, we were able to significantly surpass our goal through a cross-promotional activation.  Together we raised $8,000 to help support the Rojo Gomez children, most of whose families are living on less than $5 per day. And even apart from the events, Flex Watches continues to provide support for the cause.

    Co-Branded Sport Watches

    Flex has dozens of co-branded watches licensed with a wide variety of charities including Be the Match, Keep a Breast, IAVA, and countless others.  Our team works with charities to design a watch and create a marketing plan that best fits each charity. The product line is then focused on a watch that captures the vision of the specific cause. Looking at IAVA specifically, we created watches and other products representative of the veterans. In promotion of this, we began a strong social media campaign that created an online presence, thus pulling support from a broad group. Once the product is created, any purchases from the IAVA collection will always go back to their cause. If you are interested in learning more, contact us here.

    Influencer Marketing


    Flex also teams up with celebrities to raise awareness in their spheres of influence. Influencer marketing contributes to the thought that giving back to causes is cool and increases our community of people helping people. Currently, we’re doing an awareness campaign to help better spread knowledge about kids’ health and encouraging active lifestyles in today’s youth. In doing so with help from the Special Olympics, we are also bringing attention to the organization and their efforts in the community. We have also integrated Xzibit as an advocate for the Special Olympics and our new co-brand watch collection with them, as well as a full-fledged cross-promotional campaign between our fan bases.

    Our goal is to spread awareness and increase funds so each charity we partner with can continue to thrive. We are always adapting our marketing methods in order to present the products in a content people will respond to.



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  • Treat Yourself to a Healthy Weekend with Halth Natural Spa's Valentines Deal

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    Come join Halth Spa for its first Valentine’s Day give back, get back event sponsored by Flex Watches. All manicure, pedicure and eye makeup application will be discounted 15% and will use products that give back to charity supporting breast cancer awareness and empowering women in impoverished countries. Available at our Spa location in Orange County – where 30% of their proceeds go to feeding children in Mexico!


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  • New Let's Just Love Collection

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    This collection was created with David Cruz (Founder at Finding-Cupid.com, cast member on Bravo TV's "The Millionaire Matchmaker") as the start of a movement.

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