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    What Does Living in The Now Really Mean

    You’ve probably often heard people talking about living in the present and appreciating the “now”, instead of focusing on the future. Living in the now is not simply about forgetting that there’s a future or completely disregarding the influence of the past. Instead, it’s about living skillfully in the present and mastering the art of slowing down.

    The first step towards living in the now is realizing that life only happens in the present. Past and future influence how you behave, but the real actions belong to the present moment. Becoming increasingly aware of that is to make the first step towards slowing down. Don’t rush towards the future and don’t waste your time thinking about the past – instead, appreciate the beauty of every moment by embracing the fact that the only time you’re really alive is… now.

    To make the most out of living in the now, you need to be present. This means disconnecting from the digital world – leave your phone at home and turn off your laptop or tablet. Instead, focus on connecting with people. Most of us rarely give our full and undivided attention, when talking to someone – there’s always something to the side, a notification to check, a phone call to make. To live in the now means to focus on the most important thing in your life: your connections with your loved ones. Shut off the distractions and thrive on communication.

    Living in the now is all about finding pleasure in the simplest things in life. Whatever you’re doing, stop for a moment and think about it. This will make you increasingly aware of your actions and help you appreciate the beauty of the present. Find happiness in the smallest, simplest things in life and you’ll realize how much happier you are!

    Trevor Jones and Travis Lubinsky on Fox 5 San Diego!

    We cruised down from LA to SD to hangout with our friends at FOX5 San Diego! They've always showed us love through the past 5 years and gave us a chance to tell our story and show off our new collection! 

    Goal Reached In Less Than 72 Hours!

    In just under 72 hours after launching our Kickstarter campaign, we have reached our goal! We know that what we have created is truly special, but for you to believe in us means everything. Thank you so much for your continued love and support. In light of earlies than accepted goal, we're creating a new reward tier! "ANY 3 PACK" is now available and comes with any 3 watches of your choice. It comes with free U.S. shipping and will be delivered in December. Thank you so much for your continued love and support as we continue our campaign with 26 days to go!

    - Trevor & Travis



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